Sunday, January 1, 2012


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Monday, December 12, 2011

Zae The Godd Performs for A & R's at Laced Boston

I did Rock Star Stewie for some A & R's of some major labels on November 12th 2011
I am excited to see what this journey brings!


Pu$$y Ni@@as Talkin Video Shoot

Here is a little sample of how I spent my Saturday shooting my video so I hope you enjoy these little clips and I can't wait for the editing process to be done so that everyone can see the final result
Video done by All Rhymes Ent
U.A.N Presents
Zae The Godd

and how about a little freestyle footage

Pu$$y Ni@@as Talkin Video Coming Soon
So Stay Tuned.....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's New In New Zaeland

 I have been hard at work so that I can share so many exciting things with you all!!!

 This is going to be my mixtape cover
Up All Night Entertainment presents Zae The Godd Welcome 2 New Zaeland

         Check me out hard at work in the studio!!

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I am also featured on
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And last but not least.....
Welcome to Kal Nwaneri's Sound and Image Showcase,
We are excited and have been working really hard with the Executives at Jive/RCA/Sony Music to offer you the oppurtunity below. Please read carefully and thank you again for registering with us.

You’ve been selected to spend a VIP day, at Sony Music Headquarters, NYC with Kal Nwaneri writer and producer for, Will Smith, MYA, Biz Markie, Interscope Records, Bad Boy Records, and JIVE/RCA/SONY MUSIC GROUP.

This is a rare opportunity that will allow you to take your music career and contacts to the level that most artists dream about. During your visit you will be able to have a one on one meeting with JIVE/RCA/SONY MUSIC Head A&R Kirk Lightburn.
This will be Stage 2 of your Journey to possibly get signed to a Major Record Deal with JIVE/RCA/SONY MUSIC GROUP. Record deals are established out of good relationships between artist, managers and record labels. During this time Kal Nwaneri ’s goal will be to establish communication with you to determine your passion for the music industry and the art of making hit records.
You will also have an opportunity to play 3 of your top songs and discuss your electronic press kit. With your permission, our professional film crew will capture all of the highlights of your Sony Music experience in high definition.
You will need to bring a valid ID card to gain access to Sony Music Executive Suites and other places we will go. This is non-negotiable. If you do not have the proper Identification you will not be able to gain proper access.
After your visit you will be contacted by Sound and Image Showcase with results of your visit. If you are selected you will enter stage 3 of our process. Stage 3 consists of an all-expense paid live performance in NYC before a panel of A&R Executives from SONY MUSIC GROUP, celebrity guests, and the general public. This live showcase will be a part of Kal Nwaneri’s Sound and Image Showcase due to air on Radio One Networks next spring. All of the footage from your first visit at Sony and your second return visit will consist of your reality showcase profile. During this showcase you will be rated on your Sound and Image and ability to control and entertain the panel of A&Rs, celebrity guest and fans successfully.
If you are lucky enough to entertain our panel and guests you will be a New Sound and Image Showcase Model Artist. Your profile footage and music will appear in all our national and global media efforts. You will get a third chance to meet with our A&R contacts at Sony for an opportunity at a recording contract worth millions.
You have three (3) business days to claim this opportunity. The fee required for stage 2 is $275.00. This fee is our standard Sound and Image Showcase in house fee and will cover all of your ground transportation while in NYC and the administrative cost to insure your visit at Sony Music Headquarters is a successful one. Transportation to New York and lodging are not included.
Click on the link below to pay through our secure form via PayPal. Once your payment is received you will receive a phone call from Sound and Image Showcase within 7 business days to schedule a date and time of your visit to Sony Music Headquarters.
Time is of the essence. We have received thousands of submissions and will take the first group of artist we have chosen that will claim this open slot.
After three business days have expired we will select the next person whom ranked well enough to take advantage of this opportunity. At this time you could lose your current guaranteed spot to participate.
This is a rare opportunity and the effort to provide it to you has taken our staff a lot of hard work and effort. We hope you are excited and we look forward to seeing you in New York City! If you have any questions you can email
Kal Nwaneri
And Sound and Image Showcase Staff

Friday, October 7, 2011